Refined, elegant, and luxurious, the jewelry and accessories by Armelle Aulestia are intimately connected to her unique journey as an artist whose poetic and gentle vision of life is enchanted and seduced by fantasy.

Born in Marrakech, she has preserved the insatiable curiosity of her childhood, her passion for colors, and the memories of a land where objects made using traditional craftsmanship techniques are a part of daily life.

Armelle Aulestia began making jewelry sets at a very young age: necklaces and bracelets. London boutiques in Knightsbridge and Covent Garden sold her pieces. Following her studies in architecture at the École Camondo in Paris, she worked on collections with haute couture houses such as Christian Dior, Jean-Louis Scherrer, Lecoanet-Hemant, and Nina Ricci. Hubert de Givenchy, Pierre Balmain, and Hanae Mori then acquired her creations.

The sophistication, artistry, and unique character of the jewelry designed by Armelle are inspired by embroidery and ornamental trimmings conjugated with crystal beads, Bohemian glass, freshwater pearls, mother of pearl, shells, fabrics, feathers, and precious stones.

Both ravishing and light, baroque and complex, her exceptional compositions create a glamorous, enchanting, and ultra-feminine universe.

Symbols of the excellence that is French luxury, the creations by Armelle Aulestia are made in her Parisian studio. The pieces are one of a kind or made in limited.

Armelle Aulestia also creates custom jewelry and accessories for select clients.

Contact the studio for more information and about special orders.